You need to insert pins into the columns and beams, so that you can attach chicken wire to the pins. You will then tie the eco-bricks to the chicken wire.
Be sure to review your architectural plans before drilling holes for the pins. Pins go where the bottles go – it’s as simple as that. Don’t insert pins where you are going to be inserting windows or doors.

• Pins are made from ¼ inch rebar, cut to the required length.

• Assuming that you are using 20-ounce soda bottles, place the pins 8 cm from the outside edge. Place the pins 20-25 cm apart.


• One of the most important things to remember about the placement of pins in your wooden forms is that you want the finished outside walls to be flat. So, when looking at the outside of the structure, everything is smooth, the columns and the beams are all flush with the cement covering the walls. On the inside it is different, as the “bones” of the structure will be visible.

• Drill holes into the forms so that you can insert the pins through the holes. Check the diagram to see where pins need to be placed.

• Once the pins are in place, you can continue with pouring the columns/beams.