Local volunteering

One huge advantage of bottle school projects is the opportunities given to local school children to volunteer their time and energy through collecting bottles and assisting in the construction of a bottle school.
Often, communities where bottle schools are built are not of sufficient economic means or size to amass the thousands of bottles and several tons of trash needed to complete their school. Without the participation and assistance of hundreds of school children from surrounding villages, their projects would likely never be completed.

One donation covers many needs

Bottle school projects address many needs within the scope of a single project. Educational, environmental and community development goals combine in a multi-faceted way to provide a vast range of benefits to communities who build bottle schools.

Value for money

By building using “waste” materials and by utilizing the volunteer

labor of the entire community, bottle schools provide an efficient and frugal solution to many different community needs.


With a community-led bottle school project, donors can see exactly where their money is spent: on the ground in the community where the bottle school is built, not on salaries or overhead. Hug It Forward has developed systems to ensure that bottle schools are constructed efficiently, with accountability and transparency.

Volunteers from abroad

Bottle schools are excellent projects for foreign volunteers to get involved with. Anybody who visits a bottle school under construction will see the community working together as one to create something that benefits them all: a vital lesson for many. Collaborating by stuffing bottles can bridge the gaps between communities, and between the developed world and the developing world too. Volunteers often leave with a new awareness around the trash issues we face as a global community.