Educational opportunity

A bottle school provides a safe, clean and comfortable environment for generations of children to study. An improved level of education bodes well for the development of the community at large, especially when young girls have opportunities to stay in school longer.

Girls especially benefit

Studies show that girls who stay in school longer tend to marry later, have fewer children, provide more resources for those children, act as their children’s first educator, teach their children the value of education, cook more nutritious meals for their children, and have higher self-esteem.

Pulling communities out of poverty

Meeting the infrastructural needs for a school building is the first step in the chain of pulling communities out of poverty, by encouraging homegrown solutions to take root and flourish in an educated populace.

Environmental Education

To make eco-bricks, kids of all ages collect inorganic trash and stuff it into bottles. The program of environmental education that accompanies this process teaches children about the long-lasting impacts of trash on the environment. These lasting lessons of environmental protection and waste management are even more important than eliminating trash from the local area. In this way, the effects of bottle schools are felt for generations.

Empowering youth

The end result of a school construction project is predictable: a building with four walls. However, the impact of lessons learned through collecting trash, stuffing bottles, and constructing the building are unpredictable in scale and quality. We believe that harnessing the capacity for youth to solve their own problems can bring about global change.