The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights says “everyone has the right to an education”. Yet millions of children across the world are being denied that right.

Our modern consumer culture is generating billions of tons of inorganic trash every year – much of it plastic. Many communities don’t have a way to deal with non-biodegradable trash, and trash is often burned or ends up in rivers, oceans, streets and countrysides.

Bottle schools provide an efficient solution to tackle these two huge problems at once – and, at the same, they time provide environmental education, they empower people to learn

transferable skills, they foster community leadership and they build confident and resilient communities.

At the same time, building bottle schools helps to bring awareness in developed countries to the social and environmental issues that all countries face, as well as to unconscious consumption habits and the things that many take for granted.

On the following pages, we describe in more detail some of the wins for the environment, wins for the community, wins for kids, and wins for donors and volunteers that result from bottle school projects.