Environmental education is a huge component of creating a sustainable change within your community. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to talk about the environmental impact of inorganic waste such as plastic, and the health effects of sodas and junk food.

The 3 R’s

Seek opportunities to speak to the youth who will be involved in the project about the “3 R’s” – Reducing, Reusing and Recycling – these lessons will have a greater staying power when the kids are able to apply the lessons they learn to help build a school.
There are many different activities you can do with students of all ages that help to illustrate and drive home the lessons of environmental protection. Allow older kids to teach the younger

ones, and they will follow their lead. Also,encourage students to work together in pairs and groups to implement the lessons they have learned – this sparks unity and camaraderie.

Change begins here

We dream that one day it will become impossible to build bottle schools due to the lack of plastic bottles and inorganic trash in the communities in which we work. We hope that children learning these lessons today will understand the importance of proper waste management and reduction, and will consume less. As they grow, we hope that the young leaders of tomorrow, the future world changers, will demand a cleaner and healthier living environment for all people, eliminating the possibility of generating enough trash to build a bottle school. The change has to start somewhere.