It is important to establish a clear and accurate budget early on, as soon as you start thinking about facilitating a bottle school project. Always look for ways that you can get materials donated or at steeply discounted prices.

Municipalities, cement and iron companies, local suppliers of sand and gravel, local hardware stores, and other organizations are all places you can reach out to first. Aside from the importance of keeping the community involved and clear on each step of the project, having a respected community member work with you as you seek price quotes and discuss materials with hardware shops can allow you to utilize close relationships within the community. Such relationships can result in smooth transactions, discounted prices, or donated materials.

Shop around at local hardware stores and get a number of price quotes for different materials. A further benefit to the community of constructing a bottle school is that it can help the local economy. Purchasing affordable materials locally will cut down on transportation and keeps the money in the community. Remember that often certain materials are exorbitantly more expensive in remote locations. Check prices in nearby cities as well, and make sure you always factor in the cost of transporting the materials, which could be more than you expect.

After shopping around, before breaking ground on construction, finalize a budget and stick to it. Again, make sure you are working side by side with the community leader(s). By doing this, you will strengthen each other’s skill sets and create an open environment of transparency.