• The columns and beams are the load-bearing, structural backbone of a bottle school. Their proper assembly and pour are essential to a structurally sound and secure building.

• Measurements for the rebar to use in each column, as well as the joints in the column, depend on the size of the column. Depending on the particular construction plans you use, some may use braces of 1/4” with iron of 3/8”, and other may use 3/8” braces with 5/8” iron.
As always, check your construction plans (which have been rigorously tested and approved by a structural engineer) to ensure you use the correct thickness of rebar.

• Make sure that you center each column with regard to measurements on the constructions plans, and with regard to the footing.

Mixing cement

When mixing cement and concrete, it is vital that you use the correct ratios of cement, sand and gravel. Compromising this will severely affect the strength and durability of the finished school.

We recommend using the ratios in the following table: