The words foundations and footings are often used interchangeably. Footings are necessary to support the bottle school and the loads that are within or on the school. The foundations distribute the load onto the earth beneath the school, keep the building level, and reduce settling to a minimum.
• Footings are squares constructed using rebar cut and tied together with metal wire. These are placed at the bottom of the columns at the very beginning of the construction.

• Footings are the support base system for your main, principal columns. The number, size and depth of footings needed depends on the dimensions of the building, as well as local conditions.



• To determine the footings needed, you must consult with a structural engineer, who can help to prepare construction plans appropriate to your environment and needs.

• Before the footings are placed for all the corners and principal columns for the walls in the foundation, the rebar skeleton for the columns must be attached to each footing.

• After all footings are placed in the foundation, pour the cement mixture over the footing up to the level of where you will be placing the lower beam, to completely cover it and ensure that it cannot shift or move.

• Allow cement to dry before beginning any other construction steps.