Celebrate in style! You and your community deserve it!
After all that hard work, it is time to reflect on the experiences and relationships that made it all possible. The inauguration is an opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the bottle school over the many months of hard work, and to recognize their commitment and dedication to their community. Inauguration ceremonies often feature traditional dances, speeches, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, food, singing and dancing, but the culture in your community should dictate the methods of public celebration.

An inauguration ceremony can unite the community in a celebration of how the community came together, young and old, far and wide, to make the bottle school project a success. You might want to invite the mayor, the media, all the community members and all the surrounding communities who helped collect bottles.
In addition to a great time, the celebration can help spread the word about bottle schools – after seeing how beautiful your new school looks, other communities in need will want their own! Give them a copy of this manual, and guide them along the way!